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What Makes Mercury Universe Different?

MERCemoji was founded in 2019 to develop 21st century animated emoji products and programs to take advantage of the increasing demands of custom animated emoji products in competitive sports, music, and entertainment to improve overall interaction in the multi-media/social media landscape.

MERCemoji - Explainer Video Youtube Mercuryuniverse
Play Video about MERCemoji - Explainer Video Youtube Mercuryuniverse

Our services

Mercury Universe: An online community that allows you to promote your brand and stand out from your competition. 

Project Management

Mercury Universe will help jump start your marketing by creating you a custom 3D avatar to expand your brand across the internet. 

Business Consultant

Every business needs a plan — a strategy that defines your vision, your goals and how to reach them.  Our 3D avatars will take your business to the next level.


We create MERCemoji in your likeness to to extend your message to the meta verse as well as the real world.

This will be especially useful as we are working to expand in the NIL space for athletes, and we have been working to carve out a lane in the NFT space.

Brand Awareness

Our patent technology also allows us to add your voice to your new 3D avatar.

 Your MERCemoji will be able to promote your brand by speaking and by actually wearing your brand. 

Customizable outfits are generally restricted for video games, but we help you customize your MERCemoji’s outfits to stay up to date with your branding.

Mercury Universe: Discover our amazing story

“Take your digital footprint to the next level”

The main objective has always been to help athletes establish their brands and pursue their passions in sports.

 Now we have opened up to be more inclusive, because we noticed that more than athletes desire to promote their brands.  

Mercury Universe also has a non-profit division to help underserved members in the community.  We work to level the playing field for members of our community that do not have the resources to get them to the next level. 

Our mission is to work with grant writers to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to be able to promote themselves and their brand.  The plan is to create 3D models of each individual/brand, and provide a polished online presence to promote each brand within and outside of the meta verse.

How We Create Your MERCemoji



We will schedule time to discuss your vision, and what you want to accomplish with your marketing plan.  Then we will work to create a customized 3D avatar to carry out that mission online.



Customization is a major key to bringing your vision to life.  Mercury Universe takes your name, image, and likeness and creates a digital replica of you.



We digitize you, and allow you to create your own story.  You will literally narrate your own online branding campaign.



Once you are satisfied with the customizations, we will publish your digitized self to tell your story within and outside of the meta verse.

Merc Emoji Checklist

Experience you can trust, service you can count on Mercury Universe – your partners in taking over the digital world.

Contact us today and let us help you take your digital footprint to the next level with a MERCemoji.

Why Choose Mercury Universe


Everyone loves themselves or at least they should, so we create the very best version of you in a digital form!

Affordable Prices

We have created a process that allows you the most affordable prices for your animated 3D avatars!


We can create a living breathing digital version of you that can walk, talk, and even fly. Our patent technology also allows us to add your voice to your new 3D avatar.

Modern technology

We were issued a patent for the MERCemoji at the end of 2020, and our technology allows us to create 3D avatars with capabilities you’ve never seen before.

Stand Out

You will stand out, because you can be among the first to have your very own digital replica of yourself.


We work with you to customize the perfect 3D avatar. Your MERCemoji will be able to promote your brand by speaking and by actually wearing your brand. Customizable outfits are generally restricted for video games, but we help you customize your MERCemoji’s outfits to stay up to date with your branding.

“CEO and founder, Mercury Hall is a former division 1 athlete that created Mercury Universe to help athletes promote themselves. “

Mercury Hall

Founder, CEO

MERCemoji's in Action

Samples of MERCemoji for educational purposes only. 


Musician/ Entertainer

Just your friendly Nigerian Playa rapper, using MERCemoji on all social media platforms(Twitter, IG, FB, LikedIn & Tiktok) to promote my music.

Karon Joseph Riley

Actor/ Entrepreneur

I live a busy life as a speaker, model, host, actor and entrepreneur. MERCemoji’s can be places digitally I can’t and I love that.


The Freedom Coach

 I use MERCemoji’s to promote my podcast Unfiltered Love Radio, my coaching, entrepreneurship  ventures and brand partnership. The versatility of the MERCemoji is limitless.

Naomi Osaka

Professional Tennis Player

Naomi Osaka is a Haitian Japanese professional tennis player. She has been ranked No. 1 by the Women’s Tennis Association.

Mercury Universe in numbers

The MERCemoji’s are fun, easy and open to endless possibilities.

Create emoji using any audio stored in the users library. Transform your favorite quotes into an emoji and share it online.

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Mentions & testimonials

"Thank you Merc, never before did I imagine I could actually be in multiple places at the same time, well with a MercEmoji that's what happened, it's a time saver. An interactive 3-D Avatar that covers me in almost any situation."
Kelzlison freedom coach mercury universe mercemoji
The Freedom Coach
"MERCemoji brings YOU to life virtually! What better way to you without being you live! A great and fun way to advertise and promote yourself. I can't wait to get one."
Melinda Rae Speak On It Podcast mercury universe mercemoji
Melinda Rae
SpeakOnIt Podcast Host
"MERCemoji is an incredible avatar to market yourself online. The process is extremely easy, just send a video of you and the Mercury Unoverse team takes care of everything else."
Onwunka Nigerian rapper mercury universe mercemoji
Working with Mercury Universe for my MERCemoji, has been nothing short of amazing. The information exchange is thorough and next level. I'm ready to enhance my digital presence now!"
Coach Mike James Youtube mercury universe mercemoji
Coach Mike James
Transformation Coach

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