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Irving Select vs Irving Mac

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Irving Select vs Irving Mac Watch this video on Vimeo & Like (Support all of your favorites by liking) @MercuryUniverse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Irving Legends - Irving Select v...

Got MercuryUniverse!

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You have enough game to get to the next level... You have good enough grades to reach the next level... Step Your Game Up! Get MercuryUniverse so that you can reach the next level of SPORTS!

Jarvis Ray – TCU / Purple Haze

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Jarvis Ray lights it up in the Big XII Ray’s story should bring inspiration to the younger generations that with hard work and dedication you can attain anything. Though Ray will graduate soon, he has left an impac...

Young Scholars – SMU Black Alumni Scholarship

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SMU Alumni & MercuryUniverse Presents: Young Scholars Yet another organization providing scholarships for our youth...student-athletes included.

Team “Don’t Get Merc’d” Shuts Down The Competition

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Team "Don't Get Merc'd" Shuts Down The Competition Steven Fisher Merc Hall Channin Harden Bill Ioannides & Blake Shelton go "HAM" on the competition.

The Love of Basketball

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Raphael Jr. Walker has been modeling his game after NBA & Olympic All-Star Kevin Durant since his early days at Connally High School. RJ has been patiently waiting to elevate his game on a larger than life platform,...

Don’t Get Merced “Merc’d”

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