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Shaun B. – Welcome To MercuryUniverse

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Shaun B. - Welcome To MercuryUniverse #14 for Trinity Christian Academy (Basketball Squad)- Shaun B. sees himself as the new 'IT' man at the 'Academy' as usual, nobody does it better as the leaders of the industry s...

It’s That Time

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The young ladies of She’s Up Showcase polish their skills for this years competition.

Mike Malat ‘Mr G2G’ This Is Why I’m Nice!

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Mike Malat (Mr Good 2 Go) himself will be the first to tell you that hard work does pay off. Mr G2G says that hard work is the main reason Why I'm Nice! It also helps to have a great trainer like Mike's guy (Dre Hin...

Got MercuryUniverse!

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You have enough game to get to the next level... You have good enough grades to reach the next level... Step Your Game Up! Get MercuryUniverse so that you can reach the next level of SPORTS!

UH Kian – Welcome

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UH Kian - Welcome

Mike Malat Skill Work #G2G

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Shaun Breland – Highlight (Remix)

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These videos contain music that is for promotional purposes only, and it is not for sale. With sounds from (DJ Gumbo) mixing Drake's "All Me" to give Shaun the perfect soundtrack to showcase his skills Shaun Brela...

UH Mike – Welcome

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Your Universe Just Got Bigger!

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When you join MercuryUniverse, you open yourself up to a whole new world. Your Universe Just Got Bigger!

Don’t Slack… Instead, Step Your Game Up!

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Don't Be A Slacker! When you feel that you've given all that you can, give some more. Never let someone else be stronger than you. Never let someone else be faster than you. Never quit trying to be the best. Step Your...