About Us

About Us
  • MercuryUniverse is an online community and recruiting tool that allows athletes to promote themselves, in addition to having scouts and agents seek out their talents.  MercuryUniverse is a popular, subscription athletic networking website that is operated and owned by MercuryUniverse Llc.  Users can join networks organized by school, city, state, and region to connect and interface with other users.  Athletes can also update their profiles with relevant athletic/academic information, send messages/emails, and update the online profiles to promote themselves more efficiently.
  • MercuryUniverse is a communication network that encompasses the entire universe of athletics and embraces the achievements and goals of all athletes.  The company believes in delivering affordable, user-friendly products and services that promote all sports.  In addition to providing a networking community for athletes, MercuryUniverse gives the athlete the ability to promote themselves by showcasing their skills and talents through MercuryUniverse’s online repository.  Many of MercuryUniverse’s members have received an athletic scholarship or have graced the roster of a professional sports team.
  • MercuryUniverse is an exciting growing company, and we want you to grow with us.  Please view the remainder of our website for more information about MercuryUniverse, samples of our online profiles, FAQ’s, and information on how to get your own MU online profile today!
  • Whether you are an athlete, an agent, a coach, or just a spectator, we welcome you to Step Your Game Up!

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