• We provide client information management services and offer recruiting products (primarily through separately managed accounts and commingled vehicles, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to a diverse set of institutional and individual clients. We also offer training advisory services, including standardized test taking management and academic counseling, and personalized workout training to individuals looking to enhance their athletic performance. 
  • Create Video Highlight/Trailers
  • Produce video highlights and trailers for athletes to share within the Mercury Universe social network.  Users are able to vote and like video trailers and increase the exposure of athletes associated with the site.

  • Contact Coaches
  • One of the most important  parts of the recruiting process is getting in contact with coaches who are looking for players like you.  You need to open the lines of communication, and get them interested in your athletic ability, confident in your grades, and impressed with your character. So, you can’t just sit back and wait for them to come to you.  You have to Step Your Game Up!

    Make sure you have the basic information:
    1. Academics (grades, honors/AP classes, test scores (ACT/SAT)
    2. Athletics and training (examples: Club teams, AAU leagues, training camps/combines, All-District/Region/Area award, Team MVP, varsity starting years, etc)
    3. Physical stats like height, weight, bench, 40 time, any sport-specific stats (you can check out recruiting guidelines for every sport by clicking here…or go to recruit
    4. Extracurricular activities (ex.: National Honor Society, Class President, Student of the Month, community volunteer)
    5. Videos (highlights, skills, any other applicable)

    Then get all this information in one repository (like, say, in a free online recruiting profile in the Mercury Universe Network –where scouts can evaluate it. We want to find colleges that are desirable by our student athletes and that are a good fit athletically and academically. Our objective is to reach out to coaches in a systematic way that will prompt a response to the athlete and not the cold shoulder. If your communications with the coaches go well, you may be able to take some unofficial visits that may lead to official visits.

    Once those coaches know you and know what you can do – then they will definitely start showing up to your games!  Once you build a good foundation for yourself, college scouts will take notice and appreciate how simple you have made their jobs.  It is imperative that you lay the ground work; because they won’t just show up one day, see you make a great play, and start asking “who is this kid?” This is not a movie. Superstars usually aren’t born, they’re made – they work every day to set themselves apart. Recruiting is no different. Now go Step Your Game Up!


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